How to maintain the burner in daily use

2019/5/13 3:43:14

Routine maintenance of burner

1. Daily maintenance

1) keep surfaces clean.

2) when the equipment stops, lubricate each rotation of the quick opening blind plate (flange cover) in time according to the regulations.

2. Maintenance during operation

1) it is recommended that the operator be responsible for the maintenance of the equipment.

2) keep the surface of equipment clean.

3) monitor the differential pressure meter reading at any time. When the pressure difference reaches 0.

3. Inspection cycle

1) the regular inspection of the equipment must be carried out in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of chapter vi of "tolerance regulations".

2) at least one comprehensive inspection of the equipment and the measurement of the wall thickness of the equipment shall be carried out every year. All inspection and test results shall be recorded in the technical file of the equipment.

3) when there is pressure inside the equipment, any maintenance shall not be carried out. Maintenance under special circumstances must be carried out in strict accordance with article 122 of the "tolerance code".

Maintenance while parked

1) when the equipment is parked, the liquid in the equipment shall be drained clean.

2) close all valves.

3) thoroughly clean the surface of the equipment.

4) grease all rotating parts.

5) cover all parts with canvas to prevent dust deposition on the surface of equipment.

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