The main workflow of the burner operation steps

2019/5/13 3:46:19

There are many types of burners and they are used in different ways.

The main working process of the burner is as follows:

Operators through the incinerator investigation hole to admit that the mother fire can be lit.

When the fire is lit and settled, press the ignition button on the burn control panel. The mother flame lit after normal. Said to check the main pipeline gas supply pressure can be in the normal scale.

When the fan starts and enters the pre-blowing period, check and acknowledge that the equipment is in normal condition. Investigate gas and air pressure indications and acknowledge giving instructions for incinerator operation.

Press the incineration control button on the incineration control panel to start the incineration sequence.

The burning mission of the mingmu fire is over. Operators should promptly close the panel on the mother fire button, interception of the mother fire custody fire burning.

In the process of fire burning, operators can adjust the size of the flame at any time according to the process requirements. Adjust the operating handle of gas valve and air valve, which can be adjusted during the period. It is concluded that the incinerator load output meets the process requirements.

Shut down operation: temporarily shut down, first should close the fire, and then close the incineration control switch, and finally close the stop button.

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