Cleaning of burner surface

2019/5/13 3:53:34

Combustor is a device that makes fuel and air blow out mixed combustion in a certain way. Burners are classified into industrial burners, burners, civil burners and special burners according to types and application fields. Multi-purpose stainless steel or titanium and other corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant materials. The function of the burner is to atomize the sample by flame combustion. The atomized sample enters the burner, and under the action of flame temperature and flame atmosphere, through the processes of drying, melting, evaporation and dissociation, a large number of ground state atoms, as well as some excited state atoms, ions and molecules are produced.

Keep surfaces clean at all times. When the equipment stops, lubricate each rotation of the quick opening blind (flange cover) in time according to the regulations, grease should be applied on the leadscrew of the opening and closing parts, grease should be applied on other parts as far as possible, and oil of 10# or 20# can be applied on the parts that cannot be greased

1) it is recommended that the operator be responsible for the maintenance of the equipment.

2) keep the surface of equipment clean.

3) monitor the differential pressure meter reading at any time. When the pressure difference reaches 0.

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